Welcome to Empathic. My name is Tracey Mansted and I am a psychodynamic counsellor and psychotherapist. Empathic is the name of my private practice, where I see adult and adolescent women for individual sessions here in North Canberra in the ACT. From time to time I also offer mindfulness and contentment group therapy courses both for teen girls and adult women.


Throughout my life I have experienced people confiding in me and relating their stories to me. My grandmother was like this too, comfortable drawing words and stories from others. As a child I learnt how to be still and listen deeply, to emotionally “feel the other”. The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud in 1905 described this energetic exchange when he used the German word “einfühlung” or “into feeling” which translates as “empathy”.

Red heart cutout in a gate, symbolising empathy, being an empathic therapist


We are empathic when we put ourselves into the place of the other, bear witness and help them explore and feel what they are experiencing. I see it as creating a containing or holding space for others to safely sort experiences and emotions, and to move forward.


At the age of 30, after experiencing a health crisis I began to look for deeper meaning in my life. In 1997 I embarked on my initial counselling training with Lifeline and became firstly an accredited telephone crisis counsellor, then assisted as a volunteer supervisor. I was trained to present a suicide prevention program for schools, and then later invited to become a face-to-face Lifeline counsellor. I loved doing this meaningful life changing work! I set up my own practice, and gained post graduate qualifications. I rediscovered my teenage love of meditation and then also became a meditation and mindfulness teacher.

Family portrait showing our newborn  and our toddler, now both teens. I  have lived experience as well as professional therapist experience with women from 14 years and above


I ran my own practice in Sydney for many years. I married my husband Soren – Empathic’s practice manager. Later we moved and I practised as a psychotherapist in Byron Bay. Busy years mothering followed. We then spent two years travelling together as a family through North America and Western Europe, the UK and Scandinavia. Fast forward to 2021. My two daughters have grown to teenagers and are at university. Our family have moved to North Canberra, and I have re-opened my practice once again.


Since starting out as a therapist in 1998 I have found every single client intriguing. I derive great satisfaction working in a team of two with my client to solve and unravel their deep puzzles of life issues, fears, concerns, and reckoning with the past to re-make positive futures. And as a neurodivergent woman I also have an additional special interest in working with neurodivergent clients, whatever the flavour: whether gifted, on the spectrum, with attention challenges, or just quirky. Difference and individuality are qualities I embrace in myself and others.

Qualifications, memberships, accreditations & recent & future trainings

I love to learn and see education as a powerful way to deepen my offering to clients. For example, the trainings I have recently attended include “Understanding Adolescence” – a psychoanalytic course run by the Tavistock Institute; “Stuff that Sucks!” – working with young people in groups; “Psychological First Aid” through the Johns Hopkins University; “Mental Health First Aid for Adolescents” here in Canberra, and “Girls and Women with Autism” with Professor Tony Atwood and Dr Michelle Garnett. I have completed EFTUniverse Clinical training in Tapping, as well as Dr Peta Stapleton’s Evidence Based EFT Tapping (EBEFT) for clinicians working in trauma.

Image of a beautiful path through tall trees - like a journey through life, alone but with others

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling. I am a qualified registered member of the Australian Counselling Association. I have my ACT Working With Vulnerable People card and have been vetted by National Crime History Check. I have a current Provide First Aid and CPR qualification. I am also a registered Adult Member of ACT Scouts. I am an accredited Youth Mental Health First Aid responder. I am accredited with Lifeline as both a telephone counsellor and as a face-to-face counsellor. I have indemnity insurance and have a clinical supervisor and see my own psychotherapist as required.

My greatest interests are in psychoanalytic and psychodynamic approaches, and object relations theory and practice. I am excited for 2022 as I am diving deeper into my post graduate education with The University of Sydney’s Master of Science in Medicine (Trauma informed Psychotherapy).

The sum of many parts

I have a busy family life with two teen daughters. Apart from my roles as mum, wife, friend, and therapist, I also garden, sing in a choir, bake sourdough, and love to draw and paint to unwind.

I look forward to meeting you on our journeys together. Please see Fees & Bookings for the next step.

Building with lights spelling LIFE as life is like a building with different stages and floors and levels of mental health, with therapy as a support as needed

Unsure of whether we are a good fit? I offer a free 15 minute phone call appointment so you can ask questions and check if Empathic offers the service you need. Please see Fees & Bookingsfor more appointment information or just click to go directly to our secure Halaxy booking link here.

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