Since 1998 I have worked with many women on many issues – primarily through talking therapy in the counselling room, as well offering additional skills for you to use at home, and away from our sessions. This includes stress reduction and relaxation techniques such as tapping, mindfulness and meditation. Whatever your age, from 14 years and older, no matter what your concerns, no matter when in your life these concerns and issues occurred, you and I can work together to explore, work through and remove obstacles to your personal growth and contentment. I have had experience in the following issues, and more…

• anxiety, anxious thoughts and feelings

• depression and dark thoughts and fears

• loneliness and feelings of isolation

• unpacking and understanding of abusive relationships

• safely exploring the sensual and sexual self through talking therapy

• panic attacks and feeling out of control and overwhelmed

• issues of infertility, fertility, pregnancy and birthing trauma and losses

• moving toward greater intimacy with another person and exploring commitment fears

• moving away from relationships with self esteem intact

• working through divorce and separation

• supporting and fortifying mental health

• body image, disordered eating and building a competency around being healthy at any size

• any stages of life as a woman, from adolescence, through our fertile years, mothering, not mothering, and including menopause

• finding your own place in the world as a neurodivergent person whether gifted, on the spectrum, autistic, Aspergers, attention deficient (ADD and ADHD), sensorily challenged

• building the life you want, creating choice and positive change

Unsure of whether we are a good fit? I offer a free 15 minute phone call appointment so you can ask questions and check if Empathic offers the service you need. Please see Fees & Bookingsfor more appointment information or just click here.

Photo of two plants and three porcelain figures: a seated girl, a standing kewpie in a dress, and another kewpie with underwear and  mouse ears, to illustrate all life stages of a woman and all issues covered in therapy

PLEASE NOTE: if you cannot find an available time that suits when you click the BOOK NOW Halaxy link, please email with your date and time request – I’ll aim to fit you in.