Statue with a thoughtful face, pondering: is there a therapist near me? How do I find the right counsellor or psychotherapist?

You may be feeling under pressure to find some solutions for emotional issues in your life, or your teen daughter’s life, or perhaps you are finding life in the shadow of a global pandemic stressful and that it is overshadowing the good bits and feeding the dark bits of your past and present experiences.

You might be travelling a mothering or mothering-to-be or infertility journey and are seeking a safe place to talk and to just be listened to, without judgement.

You may be feeling anxious, or worried, or sad and be searching on the internet for some ideas or direction or even distraction. Perhaps you are searching for a psychotherapist or counsellor or psychologist or psychiatrist based in Canberra: ”Is there any counselling near me?” or “How do I find a therapist near me?”

Perhaps you or another member of your family has been identified as neurodiverse (ND) and you have a multitude of questions: “Who am I now? Who was I before I knew? Did I always have an inkling? Where to now?”

Hello there.

Whatever your reasons, welcome. My name is Tracey Mansted and this is the website for my private therapy practice: Empathic.

I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist & counsellor for adolescent & adult women. My therapy studio is in Watson in North Canberra, ACT, Australia. I see women aged from 14 years and up. You can read a little bit more about who I am here.

Pathway through the grass and up and into the sunlight: searching for better mental health and the support of a therapist

What do I do?

I offer face-to-face counselling (short term and single issue) and psychotherapy (longer term with deeper work and analysis) and run occasional groups for teens and adult women on mindfulness, meditation, and contentment. I am also a qualified clinical Evidence Based EFT Tapping practitioner.

There is no pressure to work out how long you want to attend therapy: we can explore that together during our first sessions.

In our therapy together I use predominantly a psychodynamic method, along with mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), EB EFT Tapping (Evidence Based Emotional Freedom Technique), and just plain deep attentive listening.

Why my clients attend therapy

Since my intial counselling training in 1997 I have worked alongside women on:

• anxiety, anxious thoughts and feelings

• loneliness and feelings of isolation

• depression and dark thoughts and fears

• unpacking and understanding of abusive relationships

• safely exploring the sensual and sexual self through talking therapy

• panic attacks and feeling out of control and overwhelmed

• issues of infertility, fertility, pregnancy and birthing trauma and losses

• moving toward greater intimacy with another person and exploring commitment fears

• moving away from relationships with self esteem intact

• working through divorce and separation

• body image, disordered eating and building a competency around being healthy at any size

• stages of life as a woman, from adolescence, through our fertile years, mothering, not mothering, and including menopause

• finding one’s own place in the world as a neurodivergent person whether gifted, on the spectrum, autistic, Aspergers, attention deficient (ADD and ADHD), sensorily challenged and more

• building the life you want, creating choice and positive change.


Another view of the psychotherapy room, showing comfortable client chairs, perfect for working on improving mental health and learning meditation and mindfulness
Happy little glass cats with smiling faces, illustrating the positive outcomes of psychotherapy

How to book

We use a secure clinical booking service called Halaxy. For more information on the steps to making an appointment, please see Fees & Bookings

Unsure of whether we are a good fit? I offer a free 15 minute phone call appointment so you can ask questions and check if Empathic offers the service you need. Please see Fees & Bookings for more information or simply click here.

PLEASE NOTE: if you cannot find an available time that suits when you click the BOOK NOW Halaxy link, please email with your date and time request – I’ll aim to fit you in.

Any questions? Please email tracey@empathic.com.au

Are you currently in crisis?
There are many reasons and circumstances that lead to teens and women looking for psychotherapy and counselling.
Canberra public and private mental health and counselling services are currently tightly booked and there is a delay before available sessions.
If you are in urgent crisis and need immediate help please go TO CONTACT